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  • Shopping in Türkiye

    Visit Türkiye and be swept away into a world of centuries-old bazaars, elegant boutiques, modern shopping malls, centuries-old workshops…

    traditional shopping

    A handmade rug, a gorgeous textile, a pair of mother-of-pearl earrings, or a copper coffeepot...


    Connecting East and West, İstanbul offers its guests shopping opportunities like nowhere else in the world!


    Antalya is the beating heart of Türkiye’s Mediterranean coast with its sun, vast beaches, rich history, and the comfort of shopping on every street!


    Bodrum offers many alternatives, from international luxury brands to local chic boutiques.


    Mardin draws attention with its cultural richness and epic, astonishing atmosphere!


    Gaziantep is one of Türkiye’s most iconic destinations with its centuries-old history, unique culture, and amazing cuisine that has been added to the list of UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a city of Gastronomy... 


    Cappadocia is a magical land where you will feel like you stepped into a movie set or a fairy tale... 

    sale seasons

    İstanbul is an unmatched shopping destination which can become even more attractive during the discount sales!

    tax free

    Your purchases can be tax free in Türkiye: you will be refunded the amount of tax on the price of the purchased product.

    duty free

    Yes, you are at İstanbul Airport where you are about to have an extraordinary Duty Free experience, before or after your trip.