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  • Shopping in Türkiye

    Shopping in Türkiye encompasses all sorts of experiences. From traditional shopping in open-air markets and covered bazaars to chich shopping in luxury malls to adventurous exploring for the perfect boutique down the windiest side street, there is something for everyone. Look for local fashion and design, regional delicacies, unique handcrafted goods, and more.

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    traditional shopping

    Türkiye is a shopper’s dream. Beautiful, intricate items seem to spill out of the shops, beckoning you to come and explore.


    As the cultural heart of Türkiye, İstanbul offers some of the richest shopping opporuntities in the whole country.


    Antalya, the stunning city on the Mediterranean Coast, offers plenty of opportunities for shopping.


    Open air markets, bazaars, malls, and independent shops are scattered throughout Bodrum, offering a shopping experience of every type.


    Perched on Türkiye’s southeast border, beautiful Mardin is culturally distinct and the shopping reflects that. Local crafts and products dominate the shops of Mardin.


    Gaziantep is a culinary and cultural highlight of the Turkish south, and it’s a perfect place to buy unique regional souvenirs.


    Cappadocia, with its wild landscapes and strange rock formations, is an unbelievable region of Türkiye, and the goods it produces are unique and special.