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  • tax free

    Your purchases can be tax free in Türkiye: you will be refunded the amount of tax on the price of the purchased product.

    How much do you have to spend?

    You can get tax refunds with purchases of more than 108 TL for the products that have an 8% tax and with purchases of more than 118 TL for the products that have an 18% tax rate.

    What is the tax rate on purchases?

    The tax rate on textiles and clothing, carpets, shoes, bags, optics, books, and food is 8% in Türkiye. The tax rate on accessories, electronics, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics, porcelain/ceramics, and household goods is 18%.

    In which stores is tax-free shopping available?

    Tax-free shopping is available in stores with the “Tax Free” logo. In addition, most of the shopping malls in İstanbul offer tax-free shopping. You can get a cash refund by submitting your form to the Tax Free point in the shopping malls after your shopping.

    How is tax-free shopping implemented?

    After shopping at the stores where Tax Free is valid, ask for the Tax Free form. You will need to provide your preferred return method (cash, credit card, etc.) and your passport information on the form. Fill out the form and have it signed by the shop clerk.

    How long is the form valid for?

    The valid period for tax-free shopping in Türkiye is three months from the invoice date.

    At which airports can the form be delivered?

    At İstanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

    How does the process work at airports?

    In the customs area of the airports, you need to have the purchases that are eligible for tax-free shopping, the tax refund form, invoices, your boarding pass, and your passport with you. At the customs points, you can submit your tax refund form to the customs authorities and complete the approval process.

    How will I receive my refund?

    You can receive the refund in cash or on your credit card, according to the preference you specified on the form.