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  • Gaziantep

    Gaziantep is one of Türkiye’s most iconic destinations with its centuries-old history, unique culture, and amazing cuisine that has been added to the list of UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a city of Gastronomy... 

    Each corner is full of historical locations, museums, and delicious local dining alternatives to see, discover, and taste. It is also a complete shopping paradise; the city's baklavas, spices, pistachios, copper souvenirs, leather shoes, masterfully woven rugs, and handcrafted jewelry are famous across the world. For a unique shopping experience head to the historical Bakırcılar Bazaar, Zincirli Bedesten, and Kemikli Bedesten. M1 Gaziantep, Prime Mall, Sanko Park, and Forum Gaziantep with its outlet features are some of the city's many shopping centers.


    We are officially in the capital of baklava! So, yes, you will gain a couple of pounds after you surrender to the taste of this wonderful dessert. The city has many famous brands, but boutique baklava shops are completely different. The variety of baklava is mind-blowing!


    Antep pistachios have an enchanting flavor that can be found in many desserts, but its marriage with baklava is a match made in heaven! Antep gives its name to this special variety of pistachio, which grows here in abundance. Once you taste these delicious nuts, they will be your preferred snack for the rest of your life!


    Antep cuisine would not be the same without its ubiquitous spices! You can find a variety of spices at Almacı, the city’s oldest bazaar. Their colors and scent are truly as impressive as their taste. Surrounded by authentic fragrances and flavors, you will be tempted to try new tastes like silk chili, thyme, and dried eggplant.


    Gaziantep’s Bakırcılar Çarşısı (Coppersmith Bazaar) is a must-see destination with its astounding range of copper products and the chance it offers to watch coppersmith masters performing their art. The interiors of these wooden shops are guaranteed to transport you back in time.


    Yemeni-making is one of the most famous and enduring crafts in Gaziantep. Yemenis are hand-stitched leather shoes with colorful natural leather uppers and tough leather soles. They look so beautiful and delicate that you might be tempted to showcase them instead of wearing them! The best thing to do is buy a few pairs: a pair (or more!) for yourself and several as gifts.

    Gold, Silver, and Mother-of-Pearl Handicrafts

    Gaziantep is a treasure trove of gold and silver jewelry! You can also find the most elegant examples of mother-of-pearl workmanship here. The mother-of-pearl chairs with embroidered cushions, tables, boxes, mirrors, and clocks will make you want to redecorate your home.

    Kutnu Fabric

    Kutnu fabric is a local, beautiful fabric unique to Gaziantep. It is woven on handlooms, looks like satin, and consists of vertical striped patterns. You will find it used in local clothes, bags, cushions, and slippers – be sure to take some back home!