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  • duty free

    Yes, you are at İstanbul Airport where you are about to have an extraordinary Duty Free experience, before or after your trip.

    The displays of world-famous luxury brands welcome you as soon as you pass through to the international terminal. These wonderful items are produced exclusively for the guests of this airport. Of course, the stores of Türkiye's most popular brands are also here! Yes, you are at İstanbul Airport where you are about to have an extraordinary Duty Free experience, before or after your trip. Are you ready for an unforgettable shopping wonderland that spreads across 55,000 square meters?

    Offering the latest and most exclusive products with competitive prices, İstanbul Airport's Duty Free area welcomes its guests with new-generation shopping opportunities. This wonder world brings 100 different international brands and more than 35,000 reference products together for its guests. 

    İstanbul Airport offers a rare Duty Free experience with a wide range of products including international luxury brands, and various traditional flavors and ornamental gifts that can only be found in Türkiye.

    The Duty Free area is divided into 9 sections with different concepts such as Fashion Garden, Family Palace, High & Lux Hills, and Style Beach. You can choose from tens of thousands of different products of premium or accessible brands. You can also purchase products online before arriving at the airport.

    The special Bosphorus Zone will be the last surprise of your shopping experience in Türkiye, welcoming you after the passport check. Here, you will encounter an endless variety of the most prestigious brands of the world.

    If the option appeals to you, you can purchase a perfume, a bottle, or a world-famous chocolate brand with your name on it. From perfumes to cosmetics, alcohol products to tobacco, an exclusive variety of products is available in the boutiques of worldwide-known brands at the Duty Free zone of İstanbul Airport. 

    This special world makes the shopping experience exclusive by bringing together many different applications, including a 3D hologram system, rechargeable smart shopping carts, and electronic customer profile recognition. 

    The İstanbul Airport Duty Free zone, which introduces the latest trends in technology to its guests, is also exempt from customs tax, offering passengers the best price for all their purchases. 

    Wherever you are in Türkiye, you can have a wonderful and fulfilling shopping experience at the distinguished Duty Free stores. Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Antalya Airport, Dalaman Airport, and Milas-Bodrum Airport all offer options that promise to please international passengers with competitive prices.