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  • İstanbul

    Connecting East and West, İstanbul offers its guests shopping opportunities like nowhere else in the world! 

    As the capital of three great empires and one of the most important crossroads of trade routes throughout history, İstanbul has always stood out for hosting the best craftspeople and products that reflect its uniqueness and multicultural values.

    The Grand Bazaar 

    A city within a city, a giant labyrinth, or a wonderland with precious, colorful, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind products from all across the country... Here, you will get lost in historical bedestens (covered markets), streets covered with arched domes, small squares, centuries-old inns, and countless shops bursting with goods. The Grand Bazaar has been the heart of İstanbul's commercial life since the 15th century, and offers an endless variety of products from precious fabrics to jewelry, antique objects to carpets and rugs to suit all tastes.

    What to Buy in the Grand Bazaar?


    Step inside the labyrinthine streets of the Grand Bazaar and visit the workshops of jewelry masters, each a living treasure! Describe the jewel of your dreams to them, and you can leave the jewelry capitol of İstanbul with a unique piece that is custom-made for you!


    When thinking of the Grand Bazaar, one of the first things that comes to mind is leather products! Generations of skilled masters have improved their heirloom profession here for centuries. Here you will find Turkish leather of the highest quality and in a wide range of impeccable products.


    Buying a carpet or a rug from the Grand Bazaar is a ritual that can never be forgotten! You will come across unique Hereke carpets, known as the best weavings in the world; Gördes rugs decorated with plants, flower bouquets, and animal patterns; precious handcrafted items, and centuries-old pieces that will take your breath away.

    The Spice Bazaar

    The Spice Bazaar captures your imagination with its fragrances and then carries you away in a sea of colors and fragrances… You will be drawn towards the lively sounds of the bazaar and find yourself in the middle of the crowd, with all your senses activated. All sorts of delicious delights, sweets, spices, nuts, and a large variety of local products await you here. 


    One of the flavor secrets of Turkish food is hidden in the wide variety of spices. Fresh or dried, spices are used, among others, in drinks, sauces, desserts, vegetable and meat dishes - in short, in almost everything! Spices are a source of healing as well as an elixir of taste. The delicious aromas emanating from the countless spice shops in the Spice Bazaar will turn your head!

    Lokum (Turkish Delight)

    Lokum, or Turkish delight, is a little piece of heaven for all those who love sweets! In the past, this soft-textured dessert was made with honey and molasses, but in time, sugar and starch started to be used. You can sweeten your palate with a wide range of flavors such as pistachio, rose, walnut, and pomegranate. It will be hard to leave Türkiye without a couple of boxes for you and your loved ones!

    Dried Fruits

    Drying colorful, healthy fruits under the sun to be enjoyed throughout the year has been a long-established tradition in these lands. Dried fruits from apricots to figs, from pears, apples, and oranges to dates add a unique aroma to teas, and are a delicious and nutritious snack. The selection you will find at the Spice Bazaar is unique in the world and impossible to resist!

    Dried Nuts

    Reaching tables from the fertile Anatolian soil, Turkish nuts are marvelously delicious – it is impossible to have just one! From hazelnuts to almonds, walnuts to pistachios, they are the saviors of unexpected hunger pangs and sought-after treats. Regardless of your personal favorite, you are sure to be swept off your feet by the variety and quality available here!

    Turkish Coffee

    As you approach the side door of the Spice Bazaar, the smell of freshly ground Turkish coffee will draw you in! Make sure to purchase a package or two for yourself and as gifts for friends and family – the aroma alone will travel you back to Türkiye!


    Turkish black tea is the national beverage of preference! You cannot walk for a meter without spotting someone enjoying its distinctive flavor! At the Spice Bazaar, you can stock up on black tea and never-ending special tea blends such as sage, chamomile, rose, rosehip, winter tea, linden, and many many more.

    Farmers Markets in İstanbul

    A time-honored İstanbul tradition is the street markets that are set up in neighborhoods on a specific day of the week. Here you can find almost everything: fish dealers, vegetable and fruit vendors, stalls selling clothing, shoes, accessories, bedclothes, towels, kitchenware… Some of the most famous street markets are held in Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, or Üsküdar. Make sure to take a break from all the shopping excitement to have a Turkish coffee or tea to stave off weariness and give you energy to continue!

    Popular Shopping Districts


    With its boutiques, bijouteries, outdoor vendors, and shops selling baked potatoes (kumpir), Ortaköy is undoubtedly among the most colorful districts of İstanbul! Here, you can find elegant jewelry, handmade hats, and objects of art that will forever remind you of İstanbul. An added bonus are the breathtaking views of the Bosphorus!


    A main street running along the seaside, elegant boutiques and shops, and the mingling voices of the always crowded cafés – you are in legendary Bebek! This stylish, distinguished district with its exclusive boutiques is among one of the must-go destinations in İstanbul.


    In Çukurcuma, as the expression goes, old is gold! There is an old goods vendor or an antique shop on every corner here. You can be sure to come away with a piece of history and wonderful memories of time spent surrounded with objects of a time long gone.


    The tram from Karaköy will take you to the beating heart of İstanbul - İstiklal Avenue (İstiklal Caddesi). Lined with architectural wonders, İstiklal Avenue promises to satisfy everyone. You can take a break from your shopping at Çiçek Pasajı, and dine in this historical and charming food garden. Make sure to look out for Beyoğlu Fish Market, where some of the area’s oldest stores can be found. Winding your way towards Galata, you will come across the boutiques around Galata Tower, and if you branch out towards Serdar-ı Ekrem Street, you will encounter the city's famous designer boutiques.