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  • Mardin

    Mardin draws attention with its cultural richness and epic, astonishing atmosphere!

    As soon as you step your foot here, you’ll feel as if you opened the door to another world. And by wondering the narrow streets with yellow walls, you can become a part of it! You can visit the historical Coppersmith Bazaar, Kayseriyye Bedesten, and Revaklı Bazaar, and buy local products such as Mardin's filigree, bıttım soap, bitter coffee, and copper souvenirs. There is also a wealth of shopping opportunities at Mova Park Shopping Center.


    Filigree (telkari) is a regional traditional handicraft which has turned silver embroidery into an exceptional art form. There are many magnificent designs especially in the form of jewelry such as earrings, pendants, brooches, and bracelets. Make sure to visit the famous Gümüşçüler Bazaar.


    There are very few ailments or skin concerns that cannot be addressed by using bıttım soap, made from wild nut oil grown in the Mardin region. It has a distinctive and very pleasant smell, nourishes and strengthens the hair, and is good for skin diseases such as eczema, acne, and mycosis.


    Mırra is the region’s legendary coffee and it is a totally different experience! It is dark in color and very bitter in taste, which is why it is consumed in smaller cups. If your preference is for a sweet coffee bean, then you should try menengiç coffee which has a softer and sweeter aroma.

    Almond Candy

    You can find classic sugar-coated almond candy in many regions of Türkiye, but Mardin declares its difference with its color and taste! The almond candy produced in the region takes its blue color from plant-based indigo dye. Over time, this color fades and turns pale blue.


    Mardin’s coppersmiths continue a centuries-old local craft. In the past, copper (bakır) was mostly used for kitchen essentials, but today you can find a wide variety of copper goods such as sugar bowls, trays, coffee cups, coffeepots, and tiny buckets, one more beautiful than the other. The places to visit for copper are Bakırcılar Bazaar and Revaklı Bazaar.