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  • Cappadocia

    Cappadocia is a magical land where you will feel like you stepped into a movie set or a fairy tale... 

    Cappadocia is the perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to the sea-sand-sun trio. Make sure to take in the magnificent view from the sky in a hot-air balloon – you will never forget it! Local wines, handwoven carpets, onyx jewelry, and pots and ceramics are among your many options for souvenirs. In Nevşehir, there is a wide range of shopping centers such as Forum Kapadokya and Nissara AVM.


    If you are a wine enthusiast, the Cappadocia region is the perfect destination for you! This is where Türkiye's most famous wine producers are located. Make sure to try the local wines made from Emir grapes, a juicy, white grape variety unique to the region.


    Avanos in the Cappadocia region awaits you to meet its famous potters and put your pottering talents to the test! Clay pots will lure you with their vivid colors and authenticity. Don't leave Cappadocia without shaping your own pottery in the friendly pottery workshops.


    Cappadocia is famous across the world for its unique ceramics. You can find ceramics in all shapes and forms: plates, trinkets, bowls, vases, trivets, coffeepots... Their charm and colors will enchant you, and you will definitely return home with a couple! 


    A magical trip to Cappadocia is incomplete without a magic carpet! Each is handwoven and unique with vivid colors and eye-pleasing patterns. At first, you might hesitate to step on them, but once you realize how they could add a natural and authentic atmosphere to your home, your description of comfort will change forever!


    Onyx stone is one of the long-established symbols of the Cappadocia region. It is believed that onyx brings good luck and gives peace to the person who carries Usually bright black in color, it is used in jewelry and ornaments and is sure to win your heart!